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Hydroponic Systems
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006Here at D C Hydro we design and build large scale commercial hydroponic systems. All of our  systems are of the recirculating deep water culture type. Our systems are well suited for many types of crops and can be custom made to suite ANY of your crop needs. There are many advantages to deep water culture hydroponics. The first is that the nutrient in the system is constantly freshened and re-airiated. So there is no need to change the nutrient regularly. It simply needs to be spiked up with fresh nutrient periodically depending on the crop. Our systems get the plants up off the ground so they are very easy to work with. Each plant is placed in a 5” net pot in 3/8ths chipped gravel that is easily accessible and economically priced.

066Our systems grow perfect crops in ¾ of the time it would take to grow in conventional systems. For instance; lettuce grown in conventional systems take up to 45 days to mature compared to our systems which take 30 days to maturity. A tomato plant 2” tall will be 24” tall with flowers in 2 ½ weeks. WOW!!

Our systems are great for greenhouses or indoors under lights. We can size the system to fit any building and offer complete grow room design. We can either ship you a turn key system that you can assemble yourself or we can come to your site and assemble it for you in the lower 48 states. We also offer detailed plans for you do-it-yourselfers.

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